Areas of Practice

NDS Lawyers specialises in the following practice areas:

Criminal law

Our Criminal law lawyers advice and appear in court on behalf of both accused persons and prosecution, handlind the full spectrum of offences from minor motoring misdemeanours to more serious crimes including murder.
With experience as both prosecutors and defense lawyers, the lawyers at our firm use a double-edged approach to your case. They understand the methods that prosecutors use and, combat those methods with personalized and aggressive defense services.

Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution is a broad umbrella which covers both commercial litigation and arbitration. Commercial litigation involves the litigation of disputes in the corporate and commercial sphere such as banking transaction, professional negligence, and joint venture projects. Arbitration offers to the parties to resolve their commercial dispute in a private forum. Perceived advantages over traditional litigation include speed and on occasion, a level of informality which can allow for example the parties to avoid the expense of a detailed disclosure exercise.
Our firm has an experienced team of litigators which appears in front of the Court daily. Our philosophy is to settle cases and wherever possible we look for ways around the litigation process if it is in our client’s interests to do so. Otherwise, we follow a vigorous approach.

Property/Real Estate

The real estate market is always changing. Business need lawyers who know the market, understand the commerciality of issues as well as the law, and will give advice tailored to a particular business need.
Our main areas of expertise include: Building contracts, collateral warranties and other construction matters, real estate finance, real estate litigation, real estate tax and property investment as well as management.

Anti-bribery and corruption

Anti-bribery law regulates a broad range of corrupt activities, not just bribery. Similarly, these laws apply to a variety of dealings, not just those with governmental officials.

Banking and finance

Our firm advices on the lending and borrowing of money and other agreements governing financial liabilities, present and future. From the simplest loans, to the complex and muliti-layered, multi-party transactions.
Our financial services group advices businesses, particularly investment advisers, managers and dealers on applicable services regulation, compliance and commercial agreements.
Fine Life Paralimni banking and finance group comprises lawyers with considerable experience in debt finance; insolvency and restructuring; financial services; and banking litigation.


We advise companies on all aspects of the buying and selling whole businesses or businesses assets. This requires guidance on how to comply with company law procedures, the raising funds, and in the case of cross-boarder transactions, compliance with the foreign laws.
Fine Life Paralimni‘s corporate team provides proactive and commercially focused advice to a diverse range of clients, ranging from start up businesses to major listed companies and institutions. We aim to develop long-standing relationships with our clients and to look after their needs on a continuing basis.

Intellectual Property

We seek to manage and mitigate risk and to maximise the return from intellectual property (IP) assets for the benefit of our clients. We advice on all aspects of IP: the creation, exploitation and enforcement of IP rights.

Private Equity

Private equity is an increasingly important area of our practice. All transactional work is partner led, with a relationship partner responsible for ensuring that our clients’ needs are serviced efficiently and at the most appropriate level. We seek to adopt a client focused approach and to deliver solutions which make good commercial sense in the context of our client’s business.

Family law

Family law lawyers deal with a diverse range of legal issues relating to marriage, unmarried couples, separation, divorce, financial claims. They also handle work relating to children, including financial provision for children, contact, adoption. Family lawyers are litigators, but often negotiate out-of-court settlements too.
With a combined experience of 15 years specialist family lawyers, we are all regarded and respected amongst other family lawyers, the courts and related professionals. We believe that family law requires a rather different approach to many other areas of the law; the aggressive, adversarial approach can all too often inflame disputes which could otherwise have been resolved through conciliation and negotiation.

Public law

Public law is that part of law which governs relationships between individuals and the government, and those relationships between individuals which are of direct concern to the society. Public law comprises constitutional law, administrative law, tax law and criminal law as well as procedural law.
Regulatory measures, government intervention and public sector spending are omnipresent in today’s economic climate. A large variety of public entities intervene to implement these measures. Advising on transactions and litigation, our Public law team covers all the aspects of Public law including: administrative contract, permits and authorisation, public law litigation and human rights.

Employment & Benefits

A popular misconception is that this area of law is just about employment contracts. In fact, employment lawyers handle all areas of employment law, including discrimination, workplace monitoring, whistle blowing and pension funds. There has been a massive increase in employment law cases in recent years, due to a combination of new European legislation, government policies in relation to the economic climate and employees’ increased awareness of their work-related rights.
We have a holistic view of employment and benefit issues locally. Our team is renowned for being at the forefront of using innovative tools to assist clients to meet their needs and challenges on HR-related matters.


The increasing number of variety of business transactions undertaken by companies in today’s global economy create both challenges and opportunities. The depth and breadth of our knowledge ensures that we are able to support our clients’ business needs successfully and provide high quality, innovative tax solutions in the increasingly complex area of tax legislation and practice.

Heritance law

Benjiamin Franklin famously declared that ‘in this world nothing is certain but death and taxes’. Estate planning is a sensitive issue, which many people are reluctant to address, but considering that the plan and documents you make concerning your death are the most important financial documents you will ever make. Therefore, a dedicated team of lawyers at this firm handle all kinds of contested will and probate claims.

Immigration law

Our firm specialises in permanent & temporary residency, working permits, ID/Passports/Alien Certificates, visas and naturalisation.

Shipping and Maritime law

The firm advises owners, managers, charterers, freight owners and their respective insurers and helps to resolve commercial and legal problems in Cyprus and abroad. Our advice and assistance is sought on all types of maritime matters, including: claim for loss or damage cargo, collisions, choice of flag and registration, personal injury claims, problems relating to the employment of officers and crew.

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